Role: Researcher, Prototyping

Timeline: November 2020

Team Members: Zainab Alavi, Maria Guna, David Ngo

Tools: Figma, Premier Pro


Growing up, my grandparents would often ask me what medicines did what and when they would need to take them. Often I would have no clue as the names were all so complicated. We decided to create a solution to help people like my grandparents to have an easier experience when handling their medication.


50% of all adult Canadians take at least one prescription medicine regularly and 45.6% of all Canadians take a nutritional supplement daily. Managing medications can be difficult, both storage and daily intake. Over time, medicines fill up the cabinet and people are unable to keep track of which ones expired and which ones are still able to be kept. On another hand, sometimes people forget to take their medications or forget important information like dosages. The main problem lies with organization.



Keep users’ and their dependants’ medical routines monitored and organized, while having a secure platform that protects users' medical information. Allows users to set alarms to remind users to take medications at specified times along with notifications for upcoming expiring medicines/supplements.


We first started by identifying apps with a similar purpose, identifying common ways to organize their information. We then did surveys to better understand potential users’ medicinal routines and the troubles they have with keeping track of their medicine. We then created a PACT Analysis that gave us more insight to decide the system requirements of the app we would need to consider. Then after a few interviews, we focused on the main ideas of the app.


  1. How can we make keeping users’ medicine routine organized?

  2. How can we help users keep track of the medications and supplements they don’t use?

  3. How do we help users better understand their medication?


User Flow



With this project it was a great experience to work in a group setting, I gained a better understanding on collecting information and applying it into the design of the app. Although we were only able to develop it as far as a prototype I got to experience each step of the process to the fullest and learn of their importance.