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Diaper Rash

Role: Ideation, Prototyping

Timeline: 2021

Tools: Figma, Unity

Game: https://lian-sin.itch.io/diaper-rash



As someone who has an interest in games, I’ve never actually completely understood what went to making one. Endless runner games include many components that almost every game has, while being fairly simple and repetitive enough for users to play mindlessly while they're bored.


With this project it was a great experience to work in a group setting, I gained a better understanding on collecting information and applying it into the design of the app. Although we were only able to develop it as far as a prototype I got to experience each step of the process to the fullest and learn of their importance.


As a more personal passion project, I wanted to explore and learn a new medium of design and add a new tool for me to use. The world of online games is always growing and has become one of the most popular pastimes. I wanted to gain a better understanding towards the process of creating an indie game and what elements were important towards creating the look and feel of a game



By creating an endless runner with a fun storyline, there will be an exploration towards how the game will appear and the technical components of codes and understanding how the Unity software worked. 



As someone new to the software Unity, I had to understand how the app worked and what functions did what. I mainly watched a lot of tutorials and also watched game plays of endless runners to better understand what were the most important parts of these types of games. 

  1. What made a good endless runner? 

  2. What elements did a game have to have?

  3. How will I accomplish all this on unity?



Although I had the type of game I wanted to create in mind, I needed to design it, coming up with an idea for the concept. I settled on the idea of a demon lord as they're a common game archetype and decided to make it a bit silly making him a baby running away from his nanny who needs to put a diaper on him. After came the character designs, drawing inspiration from skulls and creating simple animations for the game from the demon lord and nanny, the diaper obstacles to the parallax background.

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User Flow