Dim Sum




Dim Sum originated in the Song Dynasty and was served in tea houses along with live entertainment, Chinese Opera.  Along with incorporating those themes, the packaging incorporates traditional Chinese art technique specifically, the traditional art of paper cutting where designs are cut out of red sheets of paper.


Specific points


As the idea was more novelty, The goal was to make it fun and cater to young adults who show interest in products with traditional elements. The packaging of the set was to be something that looked beautiful along with being useful like the mirror and can be repurposed into storage later for small trinkets like jewelry.


The inner pieces of the containers’ designs were inspired by the makeup and headdresses worn by the actresses who performed in Chinese Operas. These actresses had luxurious headpieces and bold makeup. As the theme was Dim Sum, they were hidden into the design.


The branding was based on the Chinese word for Dim Sum, “點心”, When the words are separated, they mean ‘dot’ and ‘heart’. The logo is a modern take on the traditional, hand-carved, Chinese stamps. The brand name uses the Chinese symbol for a period “ 。” and the word “心”.